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性愛及懷孕 Sex and Pregnancy

事實與謬誤 Facts and fallacies 性愛與懷孕通常被視為彼此的禁忌── 諷刺的是,懷孕的原因卻因為性行為。無論如何,我們都沒有理由將懷孕視為性生活的終結。以下是一些普遍的迷思。 Sex and pregnancy is often seen as a taboo subject – somewhat ironically given how pregnancy generally happens. However, there's no reason pregnancy need mean the end of your sex life. Here are some of the most common myths.   你懷孕的時候不能有性行為:除非你有健康問題導致不能有性行為,否則你仍然可以與伴侶發生性行為,直至產子。不過,如果你有任何出血情況,你必須予醫生或助產士作檢查。另外,如果你有某些身體上的問題令你於懷孕時性交存在風險,例如宮頸較為脆弱,那麼,在造成遺憾之前,一定得安全一點。 You can't have sex during pregnancy: Unless you have any health issues to contend with, you can have sex right up until the moment that your waters break (assuming you want to). However, do check with your doctor or midwife if you've had any bleeding, or if there are any physical conditions that might make it risky, such as a weak cervix. Better to be safe than sorry.   懷孕的時候性交會傷害嬰兒:在懷孕的正常情況下,性行為是不會對嬰兒造成傷害,即是傳統男上女下的「傳教士」體位。女性子宮的肌肉及羊膜有保護胚胎的能力。其實,在懷孕時進行某幾種特定的體位可以感覺到更舒適,而且,當性行為中急促的心跳及高潮過後,有機會令腹中嬰兒活動更多。如果你有出血情況,無論你有性病毒感染,或是藥物導致,請先諮詢你的醫生。 Having sex while pregnant can harm the baby: In a normal pregnancy, having sex will do no harm at all, even in missionary position. The mucus plug over your cervix teamed with your womb's muscles and the amniotic sac all serve to keep your baby safe. However, certain positions may feel more comfortable, and there's a chance that your racing heartbeat after orgasm might make the baby move around more than usual. If you suffer from bleeding, either of you has a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) or you have any medical cause for concern, do check with your doctor first.   在懷孕時性交會感到痛楚:假設你是健康地懷孕,在懷孕時性行為是不會受到傷害的。你可能經歷過高潮後,發生抽筋,或者進行某些體位時感到不適。這些情況,可以選擇一些由女性控制性交強度及深入程度的體位,例如女上男下;又或避免深入陰道的體位方式,例如背進式。 Sex during pregnancy is painful: Assuming your pregnancy is healthy, sex during pregnancy shouldn't hurt. You may experience cramps after orgasm, or find certain positions uncomfortable. However, opting for positions that allow the woman to control the depth of penetration such as woman on top can help, as can avoiding deep penetration positions such as doggie style.   懷孕會令你沒有性慾:嬰兒的變化、荷爾蒙的改變及孕吐都可以令人不安,這樣都可能令你減少性慾,當然這情況不一定發生。你應該尋找你生活中最適合的性生活,有些女性會在懷孕時性慾高漲,發現她們的身體更為敏感;有些人則發現身體變得比以前不敏感;有些人則覺得身體經常轉變。傾聽你的身體,不要使自己太大壓力,做一些令你感到舒適的事。如果你沒有性慾,你可以運用手及口取悅你的伴侶,維持你倆親密的感情──但不要忘記為對方自慰只是一個選擇。 Being pregnant turns you off sex: Insecurity about your changing body, changing hormones or morning sickness (which doesn't just happen in the morning despite its name) may make you feel less inclined to have sex but that's by no means guaranteed. You could find yourself having the best sex of your life. Some women become hyper-aroused during pregnancy. Some find their body gets more sensitive, others find it becomes less sensitive and some find it changes over time. Listen to your body, don't put yourself under pressure and do what feels right. If you go off sex, you can pleasure your partner with yourhandsormouthinstead to help keep the intimate connection between you – and don't forget masturbation is an option for both of you too. ​ There's no reason pregnancy need mean the end of your sex life.

男性基本身體結構 Body Basics For Him

認識身體,愛惜身體 Know Your Body, Love Your Body   愈認識你的身體,你就愈能夠從中獲得快感。雖然大部份男士早期就熟識自己的身體,以一個較學術的角度來認識這些部位還是有用的。認識你的陰莖,你便可以更好的對待它。 The better you know your body, the more pleasure it can give you. But while most men get intimately acquainted with themselves at an early age, a more academic study of the area can also prove useful. Get to know your penis and you'll be far more equipped to handle it.    陰莖體 The Shaft  這是陰莖的主要部份。當男性興奮時它會膨脹起來。男仕們可能會擔心它太短、太幼或有其他不足。但普遍來說,男士比女士更在乎陰莖的大小,其實任何大小的陰莖都會有它的優點。 如果它彎曲的話,您應該去找醫生檢查以確保陰莖彎曲並非由疾病所引起 (或是粗暴性愛中受傷,雖然如果真的發生的話你很可能可以察覺到) 。但是,很多男士的陰莖都會有輕微的自然彎曲,而這是無需擔心的,而且更可以加以利用來接觸G點。 This is the main part of the penis, and swells when a guy gets turned on. Men may worry it's too short, thin or otherwise lacking but generally speaking, men are far more hung up on penis size than women are, and there are advantages to having a penis of any size. If it's curved, do visit a doctor to check there's nothing wrong as curvature can be caused by certain disorders (or damaged during rough sex but you're highly likely to notice if that happens). However, many men have a slight natural curve to the penis which is nothing to worry about – and can even make it easier to hit the G-spot. 陰莖頭 The Glans  通常我們稱為龜頭,是陰莖最敏感的部份。冠狀溝(環繞龜頭低部)及包皮繫帶(從龜頭延伸到陰莖體)尤其敏感,所以集中刺激這兩部位可以獲得最大快感,但若果有早洩問題的話則最好避開它們。 興奮的時候龜頭會膨脹、充血並變深色。部份男士有較大的龜頭 (有時稱為磨菇頭) 。這會使得佩戴某些衛生套時感到不舒適,但為了解決這問題,杜蕾斯創造出適合不同陰莖形狀的衛生套。 Often referred to as the head of the penis, this is generally the most sensitive part. The coronal ridge (around the bottom of the glans) and frenulum ('string' that runs from the glans to the shaft) are often particularly sensitive and, as such, are great to focus on to give maximum pleasure, and best avoided if premature ejaculation is an issue. The glans swells and darkens during arousal, as it fills with blood. Some men have a full glans (sometimes referred to as a mushroom head). This can make some condoms uncomfortable, but Durex has created condoms tailored to suit men's natural shape to get around this problem. Get to know your penis and you'll be far more equipped to handle it. 尿道 The Urethral Meatus  這是高潮時射精的管道。部份男士能從刺激尿道中獲得快感,但有些則覺得過於強烈,所以要小心處理。我們不建議塞任何東西入尿道,因為這可能會堵塞尿道,你不會希望因此而入院的 This is the tube through which ejaculate shoots during orgasm. While some men get pleasure having it stimulated, others find it far too intense, so handle with care. Sliding anything down the urethral meatus is not advised as it can get stuck, and you don't want to end up in hospital. 包皮 The Foreskin  部份男士出於宗教或健康理由割掉包皮 (例如包皮太緊 , 但並沒證據顯示割包皮會令人更健康)。包皮幫助保護龜頭並幫助陰莖自我潤滑。所以,割掉包皮的話自慰時就可能需要很多潤滑油了。 Some men have their foreskin removed for religious or health reasons (for example, if it's too tight – there is little evidence to suggest removing the foreskin is healthier on a general basis).  The foreskin helps protect the glans and also helps the penis self-lubricate. As such, if a guy's had his removed, you'll probably need to use a lot more lube during manual play.